Who is Eben Pagan?

​He grew up in a small town by Eugene Oregon called Walton. Even dropped out of school at the age of 16. School was just not very interesting at the time and Eben had bigger dreams, even at such a young age.

At 18, he was asked to play in a band and started touring the country with his rock band. Needless to say that ended after a few years. Over the next decade, Eben tried lots of different businesses and business opportunities. Things like being a real estate agent, a marketing consultant and various occupations, at the age of 31 he was still broke and unemployed.

He was never surrounded by successful people but know deep down, he was going to be successful. He just needed to find the vehicle that gave him that freedom.

Then things changed…

Digital Product Blueprint Eben Page

He met with a friend who encouraged Eben to write a book and sell it as a digital product. So that’s what he did. He wrote a book on Dating, something that Even knew a lot about, created a website and started selling copies of his book.

Not have any background in internet marketing or writing books, he was astonished how quickly his online business grew on something so simple as creating a product that he was interested in and knew something about.

Over the course of the year Eben continued to watch his online business grow into an Empire. After year 5, his business skyrocketed making over 12 Million that year. And the rest we’ll say is history…