Starting a new internet business needs a lot of investment as well as a perfect strategy along with its implementation. It is not easy to start a new successful online venture especially if you are new to it and doing it for the very first time.

Whether you are creating a digital product or you are interested in selling your physical product, the amount of effort that it needs is pretty much the same,  you will need to have digital product blueprint. It all starts from niche selection, website creation, product creation, marketing, getting traffic, conversions, sales, profit, customer retention and customer engagement.

If you follow a proven path, chances of success increase significantly because you know all the ups and downs, you know what you have to do and how you have to do it. This is the reason that every successful entrepreneur is a student of another successful entrepreneur.

Digital Product Blueprint program is one such in-depth course by Eben Pagan that will provide you with a tested and proven method to create and sell your own digital product.

In this article, we will review this latest training program. Here is an overview of what’s coming your way.

  • Digital Product Blueprint overview
  • About the author (Eben Pagen)
  • Digital Product Blueprint Details
  • Digital Product Blueprint Features
  • Digital Product blueprint price
  • Pros and cons
  • Digital Product Blueprint Bonus
  • Suggestions for users
  • Conclusion



Digital Product Blueprint Course is one of the best courses by Eben pagen so far. This is what he said about it officially.

It is a 90 day course that is fully packed by videos, blueprints and special implementation classes. The core purpose of this course it to teach you how to create a digital product that will sell like hotcakes. This course does not focus on letting you know how to create a digital product, as most of the other courses do, but the main emphasis of this training is on creating a product that sells itself.

So you will be creating a digital product that will compel audience to buy it just right now.

Niche selection is a main part of the course and in my personal point of view, it is niche selection that will help you identify a niche where a digital product will sell itself.

It is a very detailed step-by-step training program which includes all the following teaching methods:

  • Live training with Eben. This is the crux of the course where Eben will show you personally as to how you can create a digital self-sellable product.
  • There is a member’s area where you will find courses and resources that you will need during the course. You will get access to some of the best courses by Eben.
  • Eben with his team will conduct one-to-one sessions with you where you can ask questions about your business and product. These are Implementation Classes. The main purpose of these classes is to help you implement your strategy. It is a personalized session and is just awesome.

WHO IS Eben Pagen?               

Digital Product Blueprint Eben Page

Eben Pagan is the author of Digital Product Blueprint. According to Eben, he has put everything that he learnt throughout his life in this course.

This shows the strength of this course.

Eben has been helping entrepreneurs and businesses all the strategies and techniques to be successful. This is what he has been doing for a decade. Over the years, he has developed a lot of training programs and courses for entrepreneurs. He has been doing it perfectly.

He is a writer, speaker and mentor who has thousands of successful students running businesses in different niches.

You can be the next one.

Digital Product Blueprint

This is Sample from his previous Videos


Digital Product Blueprint is a very detailed and the most comprehensive training programs on launching a new digital product. There are several teaching methods included in the training along with free trainings and step-by-step guides.

Here is what you will find in the entire program.

Once you have finished the entry level training, you can move onto advanced training to get even better. Here is an overview of what you will learn in the course.

  • You will get access to 3 free training videos. In order to get these three awesome videos, it is not necessary to purchase Digital Product Blueprint instead these videos are available for everyone.
  • The main course consists of blueprint and step-by-step videos that show you how to choose a niche, how to create a digital product and then how to sell it. This is the meat of the entire training program.
  • There are implementation classes where members will be guided individually during implementation phase. So if you have any questions or even issues while implementing all that you learned, you can ask direct questions.
  • Being a member of the program , you will get Digital Product Blueprint access to training videos from other expert trainers – not just Eben.

These are the four ways in which you will learn all about creating and selling a new digital product.

Now this is the main course where you will actually learn all the real stuff. Here is a brief overview of the different steps that you will go through during the training program.

  • Niche selection is the first step. You will learn how to choose a profitable niche that will provide you with tons of opportunities.
  • After choosing a profitable niche, next immediate step is product creation. Don’t worry, you will learn everything about product creation.
  • Once you have the product created, it is then time to market it. Driving traffic to your sales page and squeeze page is the thing that you have to do here.
  • After getting traffic to your sales page, you will have to have a high converting sales funnel in place.

This is just a brief overview of the blueprint. It is a step-by-step 90 days course and by the time you will finish this course, you will have your product reading to hit the market.


Digital Product Blueprint Features
  • The best thing about Digital Product Blueprint is that it is a course created by Eben Pagan. He has created a lot of products in several niches in the past so he is the best and the most experienced guy to learn from.
  • This course summarizes everything that the author has learned so far in his career after earning millions by creating products.
  • It is a step-by-step course that follows a span of 90 days. You will learn everything in the sequence and once you learn something, you will have the time to implement it.
  • There are multiple teaching methods included in the course ranging from blueprint, videos, Q/A sessions and free video trainings for everyone.
  • It is a practically implementable course where you don’t just learn all the theory but you get the chance to practically implement all what you have learned.
  • You get access to all the needed Digital Product Blueprint PDF , resources and tools.
  • The basic idea is to create products that sell themselves. This is such a profitable business model that even works great with little traffic.
  • It is equally good for digital products in all niches. You don’t have to just stick to internet marketing.
  • You will be able to ask questions directly from Eben and he will personally listen to your queries and will help you in implementation process.
  • Not only that Eben will teach you but you will get a chance to attend sessions from other leading internet marketers.
  • You will learn the business model of product launch irrespective of niche and industry. Once you have learned how to create and sell a digital product, you can implement the same model in any niche over and over again.



I am sure you must be interested to know how much this program is priced. Well, Digital Product Blueprint Cost is $1997.

Yes, it is expensive but the fact of the matter is, you are getting so much from it. Just look at the course content and then look at the experience of the author. He is sharing everything with you.

This is not a traditional course where you get a PDF and then it is all up to you to get things straight. It is an altogether a different training program where you learn every bit of information that you need along with Q/A sessions with the author.

There is definitely much more in this course for you.

And if you manage to create even a single self-sellable digital product after going through the course, you will get your money back. You will earn much more than $1997. What’s better than getting your investment back along with massive ROI?



Learn Build Earn Pros
  • It is one of the most comprehensive training programs on creating and launching a digital product pretty much in any industry.
  • The author of the course is really an experienced guy. Pagan knows his work and he is an expert at creating and launching digital products.
  • Entire course is step-by-step. You learn everything in a sequence and there is no way that you will miss something important.
  • Whatever you will learn, you will be able to implement it practically and this is the beauty of this course.
  • Digital Product Blueprint consists of multiple learning methods including live training sessions with the author, blueprint, step-by-step videos, question and answer sessions and much more.
  • It comes with complete 30 days money back guarantee. You can, therefore, try it absolutely risk-free.
  • You will learn strategies and techniques that author has been using personally for his launches.



Learn Build Earn Cons
  • The only issue with Digital Product Blueprint is its price. It is an expensive course which is surely out of range of several people. I am sure there will be a lot of people who will not buy this course (no matter how they love it) just because of its price.


Get the best Digital Product Blueprint Bonus Package for the product with package more than 6999$

Learn build Earn Bonus

The Bonus package for Digital Product Blueprint program  will be ready by the end of the below counter 



In this section, you will find some suggestions that will play an integral role in your success. You must stick to these recommendations after buying your copy of Digital Product Blueprint.

  • If you are planning to purchase this course, keep in mind that it needs investment. Since the basic idea is to create a new digital product which needs money therefore you must have enough money in your savings account. If you don’t have the money to create a killer digital product, you should stay away from this course.
  • It is a 90 days course that follows a sequence. You have to stick to the plans and must follow rules. You must practically implement whatever you learn right from day one. If you will not implement what you will learn, things will not going to work well for you. Don’t wait for the 90th day instead get to work right from day one.
  • Results vary from person to person and from product to product. What you will learn in this training program is a business model and product creation method. Now the rest is on you. What niche you choose, what product you create, how you create it, how much money and effort you invest in it – are all the factors that will determine the success of your launch. Even if your first launch doesn’t do well, don’t lose heart. Create another one. You will get better with time.


Eben Pagan is really a successful product creator. If you look at his previous products, launches and his earning stats, you will literally get a shock. He is really a guru in digital products. And there is nothing better than learning something from this person.

Despite so many features and benefits that Digital Product Blueprint provides you with, the biggest hurdle that will stop you from buying this course it its price. No doubt, it is expensive. But courses like this cannot be cheap.

The doctor with most experience and the one who is most famous in his field, will charge you way more than his competitors – and that’s just because he is expert, he has the experience and he knows what he is saying is nothing but truth backed by facts and figures. Same is the case with Eben. He is an expert in this field and everything that you will learn from him will carry value and weight.

Don’t look at the price instead look at the features and value that you are getting from this course – this is what makes the difference. Courses like Digital Product Blueprint are not created everyday so better grab it if you want to change your life forever.

The cart will open for four days only and those who will grab this course during these four days, they will become the Eben Pagan of future.

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