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Digital Product Blueprint Course Bonus

Digital Product Blueprints Bonus #1– Email Drop


This bonus is designed to help you make money IMMEDIATELY once your product is finished. I have decided to promote your product to one of my many lists and YOU get to keep ALL the profits. You could easily make your money back you put into this training and then some. I have made a ton of money with my lists and all I need is good, strong products to promote, which is what you’ll be learning from Eben’s Program. These lists are extremely targeted so I’ll use one that fits your niche.

Digital Product Blueprint Course Bonus

Digital Product Blueprints Bonus #2– Affiliate Networks ($Priceless)


Our affiliate bonus is something we usually keep a lid on, but today I’ve decided to really help take your product to a whole new level. And when I say,“WHOLE NEW LEVEL” I’m not kidding. I will introduce you to some of our top affiliate networks and when your product converts like I think it will, they’ll help you generate a massive amount of leads. With Eben on your side, I’m very excited because I know you have the necessary blueprint to create an amazing product.

By all means, I want you to use Eben’s training to attract awesome affiliates. Networks are a whole new ball game and where you can make a ton more from your product.

The key is creating an awesome product that people want, which is exactly what you’ll be learning from Eben’s Digital Product Blueprint. Once you’ve created your product, all you need is the traffic.

Digital Product Blueprint Course Bonus

Digital Product Blueprints Bonus #3– 30 Days of FREE Coaching ($1,000 value)

I wasn’t sure if I was going to add this or not, but then I realized when running an offer, putting a product online, there are lots of “little” things and tweaks you can do to increase your sales and conversions. You need someone with experience to talk to if you want to do this right. This bonus is designed to help you optimize your offer so we can increase sales. I’ll be available to you via email or skype for 30 days. Ask me questions, get help. This is my most valuable resource. My time.

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